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Anatomical Model

I provide each patient with a thorough assessment while listening to the information the body is offering to ensure for the most individualized and effective treatment. I believe the body has the innate ability to self heal and I view the body as a whole. I don’t believe pain is required to heal and I encourage my patients to listen to their body.  

I work with a variety of techniques to encourage the appropriate change/ healing within tissues and/or systems such as muscle, fascia, organs, nerves, blood vessels, bone, joint, lymphatics and nervous system. 

Emily uses a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to visceral manipulation (a gentle technique focusing on the abdominal organs to help increase mobility and decrease scar tissue caused from a variety of conditions, illness, injuries or surgeries), myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, sports therapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercise. 

Chest Cavity

When she is not in the clinic you can find her  continuing her lifelong passion of dance, practicing/ teaching yoga, in the gym,  or on the search for an outdoor adventure such as skiing, climbing and backpacking. 

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